Sunday, June 3, 2007

2007 is our year of the Burger Quest. We're looking for the best burger joint in Calgary. For comparison purposes, the A&W Teen Burger will be considered the Standard Canadian Burger.

So far we've tried Peters' Drive-In and Fatburger. Peters' burgers are my favourite so far, but Coreen and the kids were not impressed by them.

Meanwhile, Fatburgers are good but nothing particularly special. They're also horrendously expensive. Their milkshakes are amazing, though.

Anyway, we decided to look for a geocache today. I think this is our first 'cache of 2007.

Coreen chose it based on its proximity to Angel's Drive-In, famous for their Bowness Burger.

It was a beautiful day that attracted an amazing number of people to the park. Fortunately, most of them were tubing and boating in the Bow River and the paths were pretty clear.

It didn't take long for us to find the 'cache.

Donnie Darko took a lanyard to use for his camera.

On the way back along the river, Baby wanted to pet every dog we saw. Most of them were sopping wet, though. "Oh, your daughter is adorable! Except... well, she smells like wet dog."

People were parked along all the roads as the parking lots were full. When we were done wandering around the park, we tried to leave but followed a dead-end road. We turned around but couldn't go back because someone was blocking the way. A woman had parked at the side of the road just after a bottleneck but hadn't turned off the ignition yet and was just sitting behind the wheel. An older guy behind her was taking up the entire road where it narrowed. He seemed to be under the impression that he was in a really slow and very long traffic jam. When I motioned him to drive around the car before him, he was followed by a camper that — as it passed — seem to get closer and closer to our van. They weren't stopping, so I had to quickly squeeze back into the three feet between us and the car to our rear.

So that will be the last time I go to Bowness Park on a weekend.

Well, we made our way to nearby Angel's Drive-In to forget the whole ugly scene with some good burgers. From a distance it looks rather run down, but when you get close you see it's mostly just the '50s diner look. Inside it's pretty cramped with maybe eight tables. It felt like someone had converted their trailer into a burger joint, except this trailer had the bathroom in the basement. Very strange.

I had the Bowness burger, which has lots of their specialty mayo on it. It was good, but could have used some ketchup or a tomato or something to make it a bit sweeter.